Update V1.01

Thanks to Dave Clarke, a bug has been found in the physical release of Warhawk.
The bug is not a ‘show stopper’ unless you get to level 18 were progress is severely hampered. 

The patch file you can download here fixes an issue that causes unexpected behaviour in the movment of the large bosses on every even level and it highly recommended that is it installed.

Download the patch file “HERE”

Using the patch

  • Extract the ‘WarhawkPatch101.nex’ file from the zip you have downloaded and place this in the root of your Warhawk SD card.
  • Plop the SD in your next and switch on.
  • In the menu, select “Exit to NextOS”
  • Browse to the “WarhawkPatch101.nex” file and execute it.
  • This will take a few moments and then ask you to reset your Next (a short press on reset will suffice)
  • Your “Warhawk.nex” file has now been patched and will play as we originally intended. A backup of the original file (UnpatchedFile.nex) is also retained on the SD.

    If you do not feel happy doing this on the Warhawk SD card itself, you can copy the Warhawk.nex file anywhere, and as long as the patcher is in the same directory (or root) it will work also.