Tiled2Bin V1.0 Copyright Rusty Pixels

Tiled2Bin will convert Tiled map files (tmx and csv) into a binary file
that can be used on the next.

Usage is by command line.


Tiled2Bin c:/Maps/Level01.tmx

(exported csv files from Tiled are also supported as an extension)

This will output a file named “Level01.bin” containing the bytes that
indicates each tile number in sequence top left to bottom right.

Tiled2Bin c:/Maps/Level01.tmx -p

This will output a file names “Level01.cbn” containing a compressed
version of the binary. This is compressed using MegaLZ and the decompressor
(in asm) is included with this archive (Packer.asm). This will significantly
reduce the size of map data.

Tiled2Bin takes a few arguments.

-h or -?         = display basic help
-512             = notify tiled2Bin that the map uses 512 tiles. This will
output the binary in lo/hi pairs to make it easy to dump
to the Next’s tile mode directly.
-blank=n      = set the value of what is designated as an empty tile. Tiled
by default uses a tile number of -1 to signal empty space,
this will override this behaviour to use a tile of your

The filename presented to Tile2Bin can also use wildcards, it “*.tmx” or “*.csv”
and this will batch process all matching files.

Please note, Tiled2Bin does not support layers or base64 encoded tmx files currently.


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