Rusty Pixels are proud to present our conversion of the excellent arcade game Scramble.

Guide your ship through several troublesome stages full of rockets, flying saucers, and other dangers.

We have endeavoured to make this conversion as close to the arcade original as we possibly can. In doing so we have added several options for the way it is displayed on the next. if you are on HDMI and at 50hz, you may be lucky enough to be able to set the view to “FULL” and experience it in it’s best form. But… if not, there are 3 other modes that should suit all.

The game will also work with 2 button joysticks/pads (if you are using a Megadive pad – then start will also work as pause). You may select to use 1 or 2 buttons, when set to 1 button, this will fire both missiles and rockets together.

Cover artwork may also be downloaded separately.


Scramble Game:                       Scramble (5316 downloads)

Scramble Cover Artwork:         Scramble Cover Artwork (2290 downloads)

(Note: Requires core 3.00.0 or higher)