Latest Docs are included in the download.


First thing to do is to download the zip file from the download link and then decompress that to your SD card, preferably in a directory called RAMS.

once extracted, you should see a directory structure as below.



For RAMS to function, it needs the correct arcade roms in the relevant directories. These are all located within  the  ‘roms’ directory.


(these are the current games playable  on the initial release of RAMS)

Within each of these directories you will find a ‘ROMS.TXT‘ file. This file will tell you which roms needs to be placed in the directory. Please note – roms need to be unzipped from any archive. The roms you use must match the exact names as indicated, and not be renamed files from any other roms. The roms we can guarantee to work are the roms from the MAME set. We cannot help you with obtaining ANY roms – so please do not ask.

You will also find a ‘sav‘ directory. Each game will store its individual settings there along with saved highscores. Also, and input.sav file will be created there that will remember your key definitions (should you wish to redefine the defaults.

Once all the roms for the games you wish to play are in the correct directories, you can just launch the RAMS.nex file from the browser.


RAMS will support a joystick/pad in port 1 (left hand) and in the second port (when 2 player games are available). Keyboard controls also handle most functions.

  • 3 to add credits
  • 1 or 2 to start a 1 or 2 player game
  • QAOP (or cursors) for directional movement and navigation
  • SPACE for fire and selections
  • BREAK to exit a game
  • ENTER to pause a game
  • S to open settings for RAMS and individual games
  • V to rotate the view (where applicable)
  • J to rotate the joystick controls (where applicable)

Also, a Megadrive pad (or equivalent multi button pad) can be used. This will then enable the START button to add credits, the fire buttons to start a 1 and 2 player game. Also, pressing FIRE and START at the same time will exit the current game being played.


Games in RAMS can support several views. For example, Pac Man can be played as a scrolling view, a full screen vertical view (cropping may occur) and also a rotated view (enabling play on a rotated monitor), and these can be cycled by pressing the V key.
Also, from the front end, these can be selected in settings. Setting view choice to anything other than “per game” will make all games follow (where available) the selected setting.



Fix for last played score being shown on all pacman based games.
Added a hacked version of pacman with much faster play.


Bug fixes

Pac-Manic-Miner-Man audio off/on selections are now in their own settings UI (press ‘s’ to edit).


Experimental save states. The entire state of play can be saved by pressing SHIFT and 1-5, this can then be reloaded with SYMBOL and 1-5. This is experimental and the loading of a file can sometimes crash or give undesireable results.

Added Pac-Manic-Miner-Man. These roms are included with the distribution.


Start of reworking the audio code, this has resulted in a fix for Galaxian and Pacman audio hiss when exiting Settings.


Fix for issue with scrolling in Galaxian.


Initial support for Azurian.
General systems clean up


Added option to turn off the screen saver.
Fixed bug with “roms not found” screen.
Changes to some roms needed per machine.


Initial release.