PalEdit is a palette editor which can edit and manipulate various different palette and graphic formats.


  • Select All, None, Inverse or Used Colors
  • Supports .act, .pal, .gpl, .txt, .bmp, .gif, .png, .jpg, .pcx, .tif
  • Supports Photoshop (.act), Microsoft (.pal), JASC (.pal), GIMP (.gpl) and Paint.NET (.txt) palette formats
  • Importing of palettes to combine with other palettes
  • Exporting to .s or .c for the Nintendo DS X1B5G5B5 format
  • Cut, Copy, Paste, Fill, Swap, Merge and Gradient
  • View Bitmap to paint, color picker, swap color
  • Ctrl click to select multiple palette entries
  • Modify Hue, Saturation, Brightness and Tint of color entries
  • Transparency index selection
  • Support for Photoshop palette format
  • Palette support for C64, CGA, CPC, GBC, Mono, MSX, NES, Next, Pico-8, VIC20, ZX
  • Quantize with Color Offset, Color Count and Include Transparency options
  • Description for the color blind
  • Swatches and palette lock
  • Complement, Split Complement, Triadic, Tetradic and Analagous schemes


Release Notes

21-12-2021 v2.7 – Add RVN
20-11-2021 v2.6 – Improved Swatches Palette selection dropdown, add donation window
22-09-2021 v2.5 – Bug fixes
10-08-2021 v2.4 – Bug fixes
06-07-2021 v2.3 – Add drag and drop image loading support
02-07-2021 v2.2 – Add more batch processing features and slicing
02-06-2021 v2.1 – Batch process fix
23-05-2021 v2.0 – Color schemes and sort swatches palette
21-05-2021 v1.9 – Support for JASC, GIMP and Paint.NET palette formats
20-05-2021 v1.8 – Load and save settings, select matching and non-matching colors in swatches palette
21-04-2021 v1.7 – Load bug fix, 64-bit and Mono support
11-03-2021 v1.6 – Batch process, Start and End Only gradient option, more Next export options
25-02-2021 v1.5 – Improved GUI, gradient editor, swatches, palette lock, color merge
06-02-2021 v1.4 – Improved View Bitmap, improved quantize
06-11-2020 v1.3 – Added palette support, quantize, non-destructive sorting, used color selection, Next export
21-03-2009 v1.2 – Added gradient support
16-02-2009 v1.1 – Added palette swap, and various bug fixes and improvements
14-02-2009 v1.0 – First Release


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