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Get the physical copy Warhawk for your ZX Spectrum Next collection in SD format, featuring advanced video modes and one of the smoothest framerates of any games out there. Non-stop Shoot’em’Up action across 20 levels including huge motherships, bases, endless enemies and fully configurable controls.

Comes in a lovely case containing a printed manual.

SD card also contains the game soundtrack (with digital cover), digital manual, along with bonus content and a beta of an upcoming game.


Code: Michael ‘Flash’ Ware, Jim ‘Baggers’ Bagley
Graphics: Lobo
Audio: Space Fractal

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The most powerful and successful fighter ship in the galaxy is once again summoned into battle: the Warhawk is flying.

The Zoch Ministries of Evil, once before defeated by Captain Lavey piloting the Warhawk, are back seeking revenge, armed to their teeth with the most gruesome battle machines ever seen. Fight your way to their commanding force and save your race from total annihilation.


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