Baggers in Space

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Get a physical copy of Baggers in Space for your ZX Spectrum Next games collection. A collectable title exploring the Next’s advanced video modes, featuring game-play based on a classic and expanded for extra goodness.

Comes in a lovely case containing a printed manual

SD card also contains the game soundtrack (with digital cover), digital manual, along with bonus content and a beta of an upcoming game.


Code: Michael ‘Flash’ Ware, Jim ‘Baggers’ Bagley
Graphics: Lobo
Audio: Space Fractal

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All he wanted was to get back home safely, but space can be… complicated…

Baggers is done with his mining mission and on his way home, an accident strands him and his ship on the surface of an alien planet. Help him repair and fuel his ship in time to lead him to safety.

Packing 16 planets with unique enemies and challenges (including a hidden level to discover), Baggers in Space is waiting to challenge your skills…

Can you step in ‘Baggers’ shoes and get home (in time for tea)?


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