Join Crowley in an exciting puzzle adventure. Challenge various game modes a quest to attain the highest scores and visit many world locations, and perhaps ever further.

  • 3 challenging game modes
  • Hoards of glorious 6 channel tunes
  • Spanky colourful graphics
  • A host of play options
  • Entertaining completions
  • 3 independent high-score tables
  • Redefinable keys

And all of this wonderment is totally free to all, what more could you ask for?

The game may be downloaded from here. Just pop it on your SD card and launch from the browser and you are good to go.

For those without a Next, we advise the use of Mike Dailly’s wonderful CSpect emulator. This can be downloaded here

You may also download cover artwork to complement the game, for those of you who may wish to print it out and pop in a DVD sized case.



Crowley: World Tour:                       Crowley World Tour (1463 downloads)

Cover Artwork:                                 Cover Artwork Download (606 downloads)

(Note: Requires core 3.00.0 or higher)

Crowley: World Tour is brought to you by,

Code: Michael Ware & Jim Bagley

Graphics: Lobo

Audio: Space Fractal